The NGO-ISR is a request based service provided to NGOs in relation to allegations of NGO staff misconduct. It aims to efficiently and effectively match NGOs' needs and requests for investigation specialists in order to ensure that allegations of staff misconduct are expeditiously pursued and that the necessary investigations are carried out.

In the event that an NGO receives an allegation of serious misconduct by one or more of its staff, it can make a request to the NGO-ISR via the online request form for an investigation specialist to investigate the allegation. Once the request has been submitted, the NGO-ISR then assesses the request, contacts the requesting NGO and, providing the requesting NGO wishes to proceed, nominates the most suitable investigator for the investigation.

The NGO then contracts the investigator, specifying assignment terms and terms of reference for the investigation. The investigator then pursues the alleged misconduct under the authority issued by the contracting NGO.

When the alleged misconduct is not substantiated, the investigator submits a closure report to the NGO. When the alleged misconduct is substantiated, the investigator submits an investigation report to the NGO.

The requesting NGO is solely responsible for fulfilling whatever reporting requirements it may be subject to, such as in relation to legal and/or contractual donor requirements.

The NGO-ISR keeps all information regarding requests and investigations confidential, and will never provide this information to other parties without the expressed written permission for disclosure from the requesting NGO concerned.

Financial and administrative arrangements
The NGO-ISR management's role is simply to match NGO requests with available investigation specialists and to provide advice when asked for it in relation to contracts and terms of reference for NGO-ISR investigation specialists. The NGO-ISR management provides these services at no cost to the requesting NGO.

A requesting NGO is expected to cover all costs and make all administrative arrangements related to an investigation, including the contract and terms of reference, associated visa expenses, travel and accommodation expenses, investigator safety and so on. NGOs that cannot afford to cover the costs of an investigation are encouraged to seek funding support from donors or other sources.

The working guidelines for remuneration of NGO-ISR investigation specialists suggest a minimum rate, pegged at standard UN rates and not including daily subsistence allowance, of USD 10,000 per month or USD 460 per day for contracts of a shorter period. Ultimately, contracting NGOs are responsible for negotiating the contract and terms of reference according to the contextual demands of an investigation and in good faith with the NGO-ISR investigation specialist.