NGOs can submit requests via the online NGO-ISR request form for investigation specialists to conduct investigations into allegations of staff misconduct.

To make a request, simply complete and submit the online request form.

The purpose of the request form is to provide the basic relevant information the NGO-ISR requires to nominate the most suitable investigator for the specific investigation, not to obtain in-depth details about the allegation, such as personal details concerning subjects and witnesses.

Once your request has been submitted, the NGO-ISR management unit will assess your request and contact you.

For an overview of NGO-ISR investigation specialists' professional profiles, see "Investigator profiles".

Requests handled by the NGO-ISR
The NGO-ISR handles NGO requests for investigators to pursue allegations of NGO staff misconduct as defined by the UNHCR Code of Conduct. The NGO-ISR is concerned with numerous forms of serious misconduct, including:

  • Fraud (e.g. falsifying a document)
  • Corruption (e.g. taking money from refugees or others)
  • Theft and embezzlement (e.g. stealing equipment or money)
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse of persons of concern
  • Sexual harassment (e.g. unwelcome sexual behavior)
  • Workplace harassment (e.g. treating staff members in an unfair manner)
  • Abuse of authority (e.g. showing favoritism or discrimination against staff)
  • Assault upon or threats to others
  • Misuse of assets
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Acts or behavior that would discredit the NGO
  • Non-compliance with local laws
  • Conflict of interest
  • Abuse of privileges and immunities
  • Gross negligence
  • Unauthorized outside activities or employment

Issues not handled by the NGO-ISR
The NGO-ISR is not a complaints mechanism and does not handle complaints. Complaints about NGO or UN Agency staff, for example, should be submitted to the relevant NGO or UN Agency via its own internal complaints mechanisms. Complaints about DRC should be submitted to the DRC's Code of Conduct Reporting Mechanism available via DRC's website,

The NGO-ISR does not handle allegations of misconduct relating to staff not belonging to the NGO making the request.

The NGO-ISR furthermore does not handle disputes related to administrative decisions and management evaluations, such as promotions or terms and conditions of employment – these should be referred to the relevant NGO's headquarters or to local management as appropriate.

Lastly, the NGO-ISR does not handle requests related to protection or protection assistance – these should be referred to the relevant organization's management.


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