The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) manages the administrative aspects of NGO-ISR membership and facilitates the matching of NGO requests and investigation specialists according to strict confidentiality measures.

The NGO-ISR has its roots in a service contract for its establishment and administration that UNHCR awarded to the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in August 2014. This service contract expired on 24 August 2016, and UNHCR is no longer involved in the project.

DRC has nevertheless decided to continue the project in pursuit of the objectives outlined below. It is currently independently financing and managing the administrative aspects of NGO-ISR membership and the matching of NGO requests with investigation specialists.

NGO-ISR investigation specialists have been deployed to numerous countries around the world in relation to NGO requests to pursue allegations of various forms of serious misconduct since the project's start a little more than two years ago. While DRC is itself a user of the NGO-ISR's services, the experience of the NGO-ISR's performance as conveyed by contracting NGOs has also been extremely positive. The ambition of the NGO-ISR is to further extend its successful track record and to continue to demonstrate its effectiveness in assisting NGOs in the area of accountability and investigations into allegations of serious staff misconduct.

DRC administers the NGO-ISR as a separate entity within its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Strict measures are in place in order to ensure confidentiality and to safeguard the NGO-ISR administration's integrity and independence.

Requests and investigation related information are handled professionally and confidentially, with respect for the rights and integrity of the NGOs and persons concerned.

NGO-ISR staff work in accordance with an enhanced confidentiality obligation and are prohibited from divulging any level of information regarding NGO requests and related investigations to any other party, including other areas or staff of DRC. All information submitted to the NGO-ISR is handled with the strictest confidentiality. Anything less would be detrimental to its purpose and objectives.